Better Crypto Experience With Advanced AI

Stay ahead of the curve with Artificial Intelligence that captures trends in Crypto Prices


The AI Algorithm analyzes crypto currency data of the top ten coins and predicts the opening, high, low and closing prices weekly with an average accuracy rate about seventy five percent for the next day subjected to market changes


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Currently Crypyoprofet's Artificial Intelligence model is trained to predict prices for top 10 crypto coins, soon we will be adding more coins and features to that list


The Prediction system follows a weekly cycle. The predictions get updated every day and the coin chart displays both true and predicted prices


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Crypto Coins

Monthly Predictions/Coin

Total Monthly Predictions

Predictions so far


I found it very helpful and insightful for my trading routine and the fact that it predicts for all four prices of a coin is quite remarkable.


Crypto Trader

I have been writing about crypto in my blog and I found this helpful in identifying the future trends for top crypto coins in the market


Crypto Blogger

A friend recommended to me cryptoprofet and I found it quite interesting when the AI was able to predict fifteen days into the future



I love the ease of application and availabilty of the future chart and I would recommend subscribing to the monthly plan



I am glad I found cryptoprofet, I wish it was started earlier when I have started my first trading in crypto.



Frequently Asked Questions

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